Jason Garrett should be Stripped of his Play Calling duties

Well, we’re officially halfway through the 2012 season and we’re sitting two below .500 at 3-5. What’s next for this team is anyone’s guess, what I do know is that Jason Garrett should either relinquish his play calling duties or they should be stripped in favor of Bill Callahan. For the remainder of the season, we should roll with Callahan and see where he can take us. There is zero proof that Garrett is getting the job done on offense, the Cowboys need points, as in touchdowns NOT field goals. These field goals have been killing us, absolutely killing us!

This play calling is very conservative at best, and its clearly become predictable to even the average fan, and that’s no good. Tony Romo can move the ball at will with the no huddle and the Cowboys always save that style until its too late, its mind boggling, wake up!! We need a spark in the play calling. The way this offense is being ran, I see us winning another 2 or 3 games at best, and those will be close wins too I bet. At 3-5, I think we end up at 6-10, or 7-9 at the absolute best.

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    Would norv take an OC position?
    Might be a way for Norv to work back into the HC ranks (if he gets booted in SD)

  • However this season ends, we had better nab Norv once he’s cut loose from the Chargers. At this point I have zero faith in the offensive play calling. We don’t have an identity on offense, no tempo, we don’t scare anyone.

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    If we don’t fix the o-line nothing will matter….