With Murray Out, Cowboys better Run No Huddle

The Misery Bowl kicks off at 3:15 cst, and by the end of the game either the Cowboys or Eagles fan bases will be put out of their misery – the loser will be planning ahead for 2013. Its been a torturous season for Cowboys Nation, and by most accounts this game is the end-all be-all for the season. This game is up for grabs. I would have liked to think the Cowboys will win this game, but with DeMarco Murray out yet again all bets are off, the game is equalized now.

The Cowboys had better have some fast tempo or no huddle in this game to start with, its the only way we win this game, it really is. I don’t want to see the same conservative, bland play calling, that gets us field goals. We need to move the ball at will and score some TDs. Period. If we play field goal wars, we will lose, and you can count on it.

Everything on paper says we should win this game; Mike¬†Vick turns the ball over, a bad Eagles offensive line, and poor defense. If you’ve watched any of our games, you know there will be a way where we don’t capitalize on their inefficiencies like other teams have. I want to see us exploit their offensive line, and I want to force turnovers. We should expect Ware to sack Vick at least 3 times, but will he? Will the defense go after Vick or are we going to do something else that let’s him dissect our defense? We’ve seen some really bizarre game planning this year, so I’m curious to see what we end up doing on defense.

I’m fully predicting turnovers by both teams, Vick will probably throw an INT and fumble the ball twice. Romo will probably throw 2 ints and Felix will probably fumble the ball. So, you know the drill, the team with the most turnovers will lose this game. Expect turnovers, that’s what both these teams have done all season long.

Someone’s season is about to go from bad to rock bottom after Sunday’s game, let’s just hope its the Eagles. I’d love to see them fall completely off the cliff. The scary thing about this game is the winner may just be delaying the inevitable, there’s no consistency or faith in these teams in the long term.

Run the no huddle, don’t commit drive killing penalties, and don’t turn the ball over. We win.

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