Cowboys Defeat Eagles 38-23, Move to 4-5

Its hard to believe, but with the victory today against the Eagles and the Giants losing, the Cowboys are still in it for the NFC East title. The Cowboys have a longshot at making the playoffs at 4-5 and the rest of the conference playing better. So, the Cowboys need to clinch the NFC East to get in the playoffs, that’s what this victory means today. No one is coming out of the East as a wild card, you either clinch it or you stay home in January.

The Cowboys had some good plays, and some luck on their side today, and they will certainly need more of that the rest of the season. One play here, and one play there seems to be the difference with the Cowboys victories and losses, nothing has been definitive. As it stands now, the Eagles and Redskins will likely play the role of spoiler for the Giants and Cowboys, it’ll be up to them to run the table at the end of the day. Lets look at the remaining games.

Giants: Bye Week, @Redskins, Saints, @Falcons, @Ravens, Eagles

Cowboys: Browns, Redskins, Eagles, @Bengals, Steelers, Saints, @Redskins

Pretty even, there isn’t anything easy for the Giants or Cowboys, these are tough games ahead for both. The Giants are looking bad the last few weeks, but the Bye Week may get them back on track. You can’t really project the Giants, but if there’s a team that will make a last second push its them, and not us. Why do I have a feeling this is going to come down to the last game of the season for the NFC East to be settled?

To make our move we desperately need DeMarco Murray back, and we need Morris Claiborne to get out of his two-game slump, he’s looked very sloppy and he’s killing us back there right now. It still driving me crazy that we don’t have any pass rush, its really sucky, we need to address getting another true pass rushing player out there, unfortunately that’ll have to wait until the offseason because that person is not on the team right now.

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