Cowboys improve to 5-5, Projecting the remaining games

I’m going to take a page from George St. Pierre and say: Dallas, I was not impressed by your performance. I’ve never been one to be optimistic when it comes to saying a win is a win. The Cowboys are horrible, straight up sloppy sorry football. How do we even have 5 wins? Stop holding your breath in waiting for that offensive break-out game, its never going to happen.

When I saw the first drives on offense and on defense I knew this was going to be one of those sorry games, and these types of games are becoming the norm around here and that’s NOT championship football. Garrett needs to scratch and crawl his way out of Dallas, he’s not getting this team on an upward trajectory. We look like a 5-11 team, like a Campo type team, and I’m almost hoping this season just hurries up, so we can move on. We all know how this season is going to end, but we’re still blinded by some kind of empty hope, lol. Do we turn it on at the end of the year, do we pull out must win games at the end of the season? No we are not that type of team. This season smells like last season, but a bit more putrid to be honest.

We are barely beating sorry teams like the Panthers, Eagles, and Browns. I really don’t see us beating the Redskins on Thanksgiving, not by putting that garbage play on the field – no way!

Doug Free, you are atrocious, and here we go again with cutting him loose in 2013 and eating up the cap. Let’s start Jeremy Parnell. Jerry Jones sucks at putting together contracts, he really does. Doug Free is the worst lineman on the team, perhaps in the league. Where’s the strength and power?  I was optimistic that our strength and conditioning coach would get these guys stronger, but I don’t see it; unfortunately, this is probably a result of the new CBA. We can’t work these guys hard like we did in the 90s, its just not the same. People are not as conditioned and we’re having more injuries this season than last season.

The offensive line is a freakin joke, the worst in the NFC East. We should just put Murray on IR and let him heal, do you want him getting smashed up behind this sucky ass line? I don’t

Remaining games: Redskins, Eagles, @Bengals, Steelers, Saints, @Redskins

From here we, and the way the offense looks, and how these opponents are currently playing I see us losing to the Bengals, Steelers, and Saints. That’s 3 more losses; we probably split the Redskins series, and we probably barely beat the Eagles. So 4 losses and 2 wins the rest of the way. That’s 7-9, that’s being brutally honest, perhaps 6-10 if the Redskins sweep us.

I want Jason Garrett out of here. Bring in Mike Holmgren or Sean Payton if we can. Dump the sorry 3-4 scheme and go back to the 4-3.

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  • Tag

    Agree with ya Joe!
    This is the first back to back win in a year…..Ouch we suck!
    I also agree with ya on turkey days game! No way we win 3 in a row…..
    Players will read news clippings and pat each other on the back…coaches suck at motivation…
    Remember when jimmy cut Curvin Richards RB in the last game of the season -right before the playoffs..
    Jimmy wanted no one to take mental lapses, just because we had a bye in the playoffs…
    Jimmy was an excellent player motivator…no way Jimmy tolerates the cr@p on this team…

  • trekker1218

    From AMERICAS TEAM to AMERICAS PUNCH LINE. Jerry, close the roof… God really doesn’t want to watch them play anymore.
    I do agree Garrett needs to go and should have been gone last year. Tony is at end of career and just doesn’t have it anymore in the big game. We need a highly disciplined coach that takes no shit from player and a real team manager. I have been a fan since 72 and it hurts to see it all go down hill because of egos and mismanagement. At this point I would love to see Tim Tebow take over for Tony. How much worse can he be.
    I agree…. lets just forfeit the remaining games and start a real rebuilding plan.

  • Tag, you’re absolutely right about Jimmy, you can bet he would have cut a whole bunch of players from this team already. The players are not consistent and Garrett is learning on the job, he wasn’t ready for this job. Its pathetic watching his locker post game speech, the players don’t even look into it.

  • Tag

    Joe, look what Jim Harbaugh is doing in San Fran while he is Still WINNING! He switches QB’s!
    Would Harbaugh have replaced Romo by now? Would he have drafted a replacement?

    It’s amazing what Harbaugh has done is such a short time!

    What have we done since 1995? Answer: sucked hot air… We have a team of POSERS!