The Cowboys are a sorry team. There’s no hope for the 2013 season after watching this abysmal display of what is suppose to be professional football. We need to get over the thoughts of playoffs; and yes, we are mathematically still in it, but we are not competitively in it – we suck. When we went down 21-3, I knew it was game over, it was laughable to say the least, and it was torturous at the same time. Disgraceful. Pathetic.

Fire Jason Garrett, Hire Mike Holmgren

As far as I’m concerned we are now in evaluation mode. This team is reeling on both sides of the ball. At the end of the season, Jerry Jones better fire Jason Garrett. I want to see Jerry bring in Mike Holmgren, and scrap the 3-4. The 3-4 has been a complete and utter bust scheme in Dallas. We need to build around Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, and add another scrappy LB, and get the 4 best lineman upfront and attack. During free agency we should add Cliff Avril to be the other DE pass rusher opposite Ware. The pass rush simply has not materialized in this 3-4 scheme, its been a sham, and its hurting us every year.

Remaining games: Eagles, @Bengals, Steelers, Saints, @Redskins

After today’s horrendous outing and effort, we possibly win one more game against the Eagles, but look at the last stretch! Forget it, we lose out the rest of the season. We finish 6-10, and in position for a good draft picks in each round. We need offensive line maulers, and we need another true pass rusher.