Cowboys host Toilet Bowl II Sunday Night

The two worst teams in the NFC East will face off again tonight, for a battle of last place. Who will win, does anyone care at this point? The Cowboys and Eagles are mirror images of themselves, so it’ll just be a matter of which team will make the most mistakes. Both of these teams embody and define what a bad football team is, and tonight one of these teams will take another step towards a top 10 draft pick.

I know the Cowboys are still mathematically still in the hunt; but lets be frank, this team is horrible and way too beat up on both sides of the ball. One thing I have learned is that training camp reports from across the web fed us false hope saying that we had some playmakers, draft picks that will contribute, undrafted players that will contribute, an explosive offense, a pretty good stable of running backs, improvement on the offensive line – ALL lies.

What happened with the Cowboys is bad cap management, plain and simple. This roster moving forward is in serious trouble, big time trouble. We are going to see the same player restructuring just to make a little cap space to sign mid tier, average players. 2013 free agency will look just like last year. Do you like those results? I sure the hell don’t! The window is closing, it really is closing on Witten, Ware, and Romo. I feel bad for these players and their legacy, I’m sure Witten and Ware will be in the hall of fame, but there will be no Super Bowl rings with the Cowboys.

I’m going to be honest: ¬†with the playoffs a crack pipe dream, I’m secretly routing for them to lose out and get a good draft pick, and a new head coach. There are a lot of fans thinking the same way. Without a chance to add some quality free agents, we absolutely need some good draft positioning. Finishing 7-9 or so only harms this team for next season, thats a sad statement, but its true in our case. We can’t afford to draft 15, 18, or 20th pick, not with the roster and cap hell we currently have.

Holmgren or Payton

Either is an instant upgrade and brings instant credibility to the team. I’m almost sure one of these guys will be the coach in 2013, and Jerry better let them wipe out the current staff. I don’t want to see DeCamillis, or Rob Ryan, or any of these idiots on the team. I’ve been saying this for quite some time too, but its time to officially dump the 3-4 and move back to the 4-3 full-time. This will be the offseason to make this adjustment. We are going to let Spencer walk, and none of his backups are capable of replacing his run stopping ability and mediocre pass rush, so why try to fill it? You put Ware at the DE spot, Brent, and Ratliff at DT, and draft or get a free agent like Cliff Avril to pass rush. Bruce Carter and Sean Lee are solid LBs, and depending on how the draft plays out go ahead and draft Manti Te’o to fill the 3rd LB, you’ll have a durable, reliable leader that could be another Ray Lewis type player, someone that will infect his defense with leadership for 15 years. I’m throwing this out there because we need some serious changes, the status quo on defense in the 3-4 has been a complete bust, no pass rush, and no killer instinct. Change the scheme, chance the players.

Enjoy the games today!

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    I see this as the only remaining game on our schedule that we can win….so please LOSE!
    We need:
    1) complete new coaching staff
    2) new O line
    3) new QB-the experiment has to END
    4) shift the defense to 4-3
    5) start drafting lunch pail workers -No more ME first players