Cowboys @ Bengals today, Playoff implications for Both

The Cowboys are on the road against a solid team, so this game should be interesting. I honestly don’t see the Cowboys winning this game. This year has just be disastrous to say the least, and now the offense is playing better, but the defense has reverted to 2011. The defense will have their hands full, and if we can’t get to Dalton, this will be a long day.

I’ve been saying this all season, but I think today, we’ll see further proof why out 3-4 needs to be dumped, no matter who is coaching Dallas in 2013. We don’t get to the QB consistently, we only have one guy that rushes the QB in a system that is suppose to bring the pressure from anyone on the field. Its bull, and has been BS since Parcells brought it to Dallas. 4-3 in 2013.

We’ll see how this game plays out, but as usual I won’t be surprised by anything in this game. Its another must win in December, so there you have it.

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