Just for Kicks: Folk Will Win

I’m calling it now, rookie Nick Folk will win the kicking battle. Yes Gramatica, has been doing well in all aspects; however, so has Folk. Folk is younger, has the stronger leg, and has made virtually all attempts. We are not going to waste a roster spot on two kickers when one of them can handle both duties.

DC.com, has a good article on the latest between these two kickers:

“I’m definitely going to have to separate myself some way or another, and that’s probably my best chance because he’s a proven field goal guy,” Folk said.

Gramatica is kicking against a rookie for the second consecutive year, having lost a close battle with the Patriots’ Stephen Gostkowski last summer. The 31-year-old says he’s not trying to outlast Folk, but rather improve his own performance with each sweltering practice.

“I don’t really see it as competition because I just focus on myself,” Gramatica said. “If I was here by myself I’d be doing the same thing and I was doing it before Nick got here. Obviously I’m sure the coaches are viewing it as competition. But I was here last year; I know I’m the guy. I feel really great being here. I just focus on what I do, and hopefully it’s good enough.”

So far, both have kicked better at this point in preseason than the Cowboys have seen in years.

The Cowboys have re-signed free-agent P Sam Paulescu as well. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Just another leg for camp and relief for McBriar.

Walls, Springs to be captains at opener 

Just for entertainment, here’s a small article on Madden 2008:

The Madden Forecast

The Philadelphia Eagles are destined for a 13-3 season and a one-and-done in the playoffs. The Express-Times simulated a “Madden NFL 08” season and QB Donovan McNabb didn’t get hurt. RB Brian Westbrook (2,009 total yards and 12 TDs) led the team to the league’s best record — and a home playoff loss to the Rams. Other “Madden” notes on the Lehigh Valley’s most-followed teams:

It’s That Sim-ple: In the same sim season, the Jets missed the playoffs at 9-7 but were still better than their New York counterparts, the 5-11 Giants. The Dallas Cowboys took a wild card at 10-6. The Pittsburgh Steelers were weak division champs at 8-8. The New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.

Funny how these sims predict the season, there’s no way the Falcons make the Super Bowl with Super Bust Joey Harrington at the helm. I could see the Giants going 5-11 though, same with the Redskins.

Former Cowboys backup QB Matt Baker signed with the Saints recently, and Payton plans on playing him in the 2nd half when the Saints play the Bengals.

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