Payton Still a Saint, Jason Garrett Will be back in 2013

If you need more assurances that Jason Garrett will be back in 2013, we just got the clincher tonight as Jay Glazer reported that the Saints and Sean Payton have agreed in principle to a 5yr extension. Garrett will be back in 2013 even with a loss to the Redskins.

I’m hoping the Cowboys will be able to defeat the Redskins and make a playoff run; however, if we lose, there are a few things the Cowboys will need to address for “black monday.”

Here’s my list of things the Cowboys will need to change for 2013 with Garrett returning:

Offensive Coordinator – with Norv Turner available on black monday, the Cowboys should be looking at bringing him in to run the offense. Another year with Garrett doing double-duties will not yield us favorable results. Garrett is a head coach learning on the job, it is what it is, and he needs some help in this area.

Defensive Coordinator – a change should definitely happen here if we are defeated against the Redskins; moreover, if we lose to the Redskins because of a bad defensive outing. Its time to move back to the 4-3, there’s no evidence to support the 3-4 has been an effective pressure defense in Dallas. With Anthony Spencer headed to free agency for big bucks, we’ll be in a bind to find a adequate OLB and just another reason to move away from the 3-4. Bring in a 4-3 guy and lets bring the pressure from the 4 lineman.

Special Teams – surely DeCamillis will get the boot at the end of the year. The players are poorly coached, the special teams play killed us early on and put us in bad field position so many times. Blocked punts, muffed returns, bad decision making on fielding kickoffs are all areas that should not even be issues this far into DeCamillis’ tenure. Flush this out and bring someone else.

Draft – the 2013 draft is going to be huge, we’re going to need some offensive/defensive lineman, a linebacker, and a running back. The Cowboys need another disruptive presence especially with Ware approaching the backend of his career, his window is closing. Right tackle needs to be fixed and center as well. Whether we stay in the 3-4 or move to 4-3 we need another LB. DeMarco Murray is a liability to the Cowboys season, he can’t stay healthy, so we need another back to supplement Murray. I’d draft Stepfan Taylor from Stanford, he’s the most well rounded back and can pass protect, something our other backs had huge issues with.

With Garrett returning in 2013, the coaching staff cannot remain status quo, there will need to be changes to remain competitive and to keep Cowboys Nation engaged.

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