Romo Kills Cowboys Nation, Again

The season is over, and its the same story, different year. Tony Romo is never going to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. He cannot do it, he just cannot win the big games – he’s no good. Romo has been adequate, but he just keeps killing the team in playoff type games and in the playoffs. Heartbreaking. I can’t even believe this is how the season ended, what a waste.

Moving forward, if Dallas does in fact keep Garrett as the head coach, there needs to be some accountability from the coaching staff, and it starts with the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinators. Hire Norv Turner, fire Rob Ryan and bring in another coordinator. I did think it was interesting that Jerry did not want to comment on coaches, I wonder if Garrett is still safe. Interesting.

There needs to be a Romo exit strategy where we look for a guy somewhere in the next 2-3 drafts. We can’t keep this same story with Romo. We need some durable players too, STOP draft injury prone whimps. You can’t count on Austin and Murray, they are great players, so when they go out we are totally screwed. The Cowboys better start drafting as if they are drafting to replace some of these players.

This loss is sickening, gut wrenching. Jerry Jones better makes some moves.

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    I got sucked in again….. Gut wrenching…
    We continue to have the same issues year after year,big game after big game
    Why did our offense not have a solution for the blitz?
    Our defense did not stop the run..
    So many coaching issues: Off coordinator, Def coordinator
    Health issues: thought we had a good strength coach…must have players made of glass
    Jerry: do you have enough pain yet to make the necessary changes?

  • GP965

    This is extremely upsetting. For the past several years we have heard excuse after excuse on why Romo or the team has not made it to the playoffs. Words cannot describe the anger that I feel of getting suckered again into believing this might be the year. I wish there was a way to express this disappointment to Jerry Jones. Where can they go from here, not up, they just keep digging themselves further down below the barrel!!!

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  • Freedom

    I was noticing “Tag” got sucked in again. Well, guess how many Cowboys games I watched this year? ZERO! That’s right! I didn’t watch a single game, not even pre-season. I have been an avid Cowboys fan since 1970 when I was in high school, and have always followed them closely and enjoyed them immenseley, but after last season, I decided to divorce myself from this miserable team. There is no hope left. It was extremely easy to just walk away. I can’t believe how relaxed and care-free my Sundays became because of this. The only way I kept up was just reading the scores on the internet. You know, Danny White never won a Super Bowl, but he got the team to several NFC Championships. In my opinion, Danny White has never received his rightful notice as one of the Cowboys’ greatest Quarterbacks. I know, he lost all the Championship games, but Danny White, in my opinion, was the second best quarterback the Cowboys ever had. That’s right! Better than Troy Aikman, eventhough Aikman had three Super Bowl wins. There was one very big reason for those wins Emmitt Smith! Had the Cowboys not had Emmitt Smith in the 1990’s they would have been a good team, but not a great team. I like Troy Aikman, and he was one of the greats, but let’s face it. Without Emmitt Smith they would have been nowhere. This was proven after the 1991-1992 season when Emmitt was holding out for more money and didn’t play the first two games. The team was incredibly bad. The minute Emmitt came back, and from the first time he touched the ball, the entire team changed!
    I just want to list (in my opinion) the BEST Cowboys Quarterbacks: 1.Roger Staubach (of course) 2.Danny White (very talented and versatile eventhough he never got them to the Super Bowl). 3. Troy Aikman ( I really like Troy, and he was a great one, but he had Emmitt Smith, enough said. 4.Don Meredith ( This man played with a broken nose, broken ribs, had a great passing arm and was as tough as they come). 5. Craig Morton (a great pocket passer with a cannon for an arm! Those are my top five, and in that order. I am sure SOME people will agree with me, but a greater number of people will not.
    Tony Romo doesn’t even make the list. He lacks consistency. When the top five I mentioned were playing, they looked good even when they lost. Tony Romo doesn’t even look good winning (with a few exceptions over the years.) He really needs to go, but he won’t, and that is why I will not watch the Cowboys again for a long while. As long as he is the Quarterback, and as long as Jerry Jones in the GM. Jerry Jones should NOT be the “face” of the Dallas Cowboys. When you think back to the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s who do you remember as the “face” of the Dallas Cowboys? A very easy question to answer: TOM LANDRY! Thanks for reading my comment, and everyone please have a SAFE AND

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    I have been a Cowboys fan since 1975. This year reminded me of 2002 – third year of Campo.
    If there is no change in coaching ( HC, OC, or DC), then it is clear Jerry in NOT interested in winning Rings.
    @ Jerry – do you look at how players or coaches perform AFTER leaving the Cowboys?
    – Wade’s def Texans, Zimmers’ def in Cincy

    With NO major changes in 2013, I will NOT make the same mistake of being sucked in!

    Only way us fans can make a change is “get Jerry’s attention” or hit him where it hurts the most-aka pocket book. I will not spend one more dollar on any Cowboy merchandise or tickets until a major change occurs.

  • Tag

    Would you take RGIII over Romo?

  • Tag, I would take RG3 over Romo. At this point, the Cowboys are really playing with Fire with Romo continuing to kill us like he has and another year older. We need the exit strategy sooner than later.

  • Tag

    I agree with ya Joe!
    What I have seen in RGIII , I really like the character of the man and his leadership!
    It is really hard to say that about someone playing for the skins.
    But, RGIII is no deer in the headlight rookie. Ugly part is we will have to play against him for many years.
    Jerry, wake up! Romo best days are behind him! We need to move forward.
    We need some major changes on all sides of the ball- time to cut some overpaid, under producing players, injury prone ” made of glass” players and find players who can play old school football.