Rob Ryan Will Remain Defensive Coordinator in 2013

Well, Jason Garrett’s press conference just finished and he didn’t want to entertain questions about the coordinators, and pretty much defended Rob Ryan. Listening to Garrett just further confirms my fears for 2013, in which, Rob Ryan will be back for the 2013 season. Furthermore, the 3-4 will remain as the base defense, and he will be the one calling the plays – not encouraging.

Looks like we are going status quo with the coaching staff; moreover, if Norv Turner is not brought in to help out Garrett. The loss last night still stings bitterly, but knowing Ryan will be back gives me zero faith that we’ll be able to game plan consistently against our divisional rivals. How many times did we see the defense take forever to make adjustments, its part of the problem this year. We can’t give up so many quick points and then try to answer with our bumbling offense.

One thing is for sure, we better get some other guys that can pressure the QB from the line position. Jason Hatcher has finally developed into a solid player, but like Ware, he’s in his 30’s are are more susceptible to injury. Ware is on the backside of his career and the injuries are starting to come in more frequency. Who are we going to bring in here to rush the QB? Do they tag Spencer again? Would Spencer then holdout?

With the ongoing cap issues we have, you can bet we’ll have a carbon copy of last year’s free agency signings. We may afford one “good” player, but then everything else will be mid tier, backup to starting type players. This strategy didn’t help our offensive line and looks like we need to address the offensive line as a priority, because it sucks.

So how do the Cowboys possibly address the gapping holes on both sides of the ball?

Give me something, get rid of DeCamillis at least, you have got to be kidding me if this guy returns…

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  • Tag

    If Ryan comes back and JG remains as HC & OC, then I see NO improvement for next season.
    What can change if we:
    Stay with the 3-4
    No change in coaching-GM, HC, OC, DC
    No major player change-Romo
    We are destined to be 8-8 next year, 3rd in NFC East (only the e-gals suck more than us)

  • Yeah Tag, it wasn’t what I was looking forward hearing in the press conference. Everyone wants Turner here, but I’m not sure Garrett wants that, this may be something that Jerry would have to override Garrett with.

    As for Ryan, I’m not impressed with his scheme at all.