Romo’s Extension and Drafting Johnny Manziel

Cowboys Nation is still waiting for some “changes” in Dallas, nothing last week, but with a full work week this week, maybe some changes will start coming. Last year Tony Sparano looked like a good fit to return, but didn’t happen, and this year the talk revolves around Norv Turner. You also have the possibility of changes on defense, Rob Ryan and the 3-4 are on the hot seat, so we’ll see if Jerry Jones makes a shakeup there.

For now, lets talk about how the Cowboys will be able to create some cap space. The Cowboys can cut some players loose which they will certainly do, and they will likely need to negotiate some of these bloated contracts. The contract I’m interested in is that of Tony Romo. Jerry has made is clear that he sees Romo here for a long time unfortunately, but is that just talk, does he really see him here a long time? I don’t, nor do I and most of Cowboys Nation want Romo here anymore. He is what he is, he’s a mid-tier QB with flashes of greatness, but has more disastrous plays that are attached to his name and play.

The Cowboys will need to extend Romo mainly for cap purposes and not really for an absolute need for Romo as the Cowboys QB for years to come. This new deal needs to be short, as in a 3yr-deal. Romo will be 33 in April, so from a logical standpoint you don’t give anything that will take Romo past 36yrs old. He’s on the backend of his career, there is no more room for improvement, he is what he is. He was a good QB, but not elite and not someone that could take us to the Super Bowl.

What else plays into Romo’s contract? I think the prospect of drafting Johnny Manziel as the Cowboys next QB is a reality. Manziel is a special QB, and his career is just getting going, so by the time he is draft eligible in 2yrs, he could be the most sought after QB since Andrew Luck and RG3. Manziel has shown he can play at a high level in the SEC, and dominated in his first BCS Bowl game against Oklahoma; furthermore, he displayed some dominance, energy, and confidence. Jerry said he was not at that point in taking a risk for a player like RG3, yet. That, “yet” means to me, he is already thinking about the next QB for Dallas is just a few years away, its going to happen soon.

And before you think we’re getting way ahead of ourselves, we are not. This is the problem Dallas has had for years, we are use to the status quo and the fear of thinking ahead especially when it involves the QB. This conversation needs to happen now, it really does. Romo was the future when Testaverde and Bledsoe bombed, but now Romo is in the spot of those same  guys. He needs to be replaced.

The Redskins traded their sixth pick and a second-round choice for RG3, plus first-round selections in 2013 and 2014. So, you can take this as the blueprint the Rams created for what it may take to move up to draft a highly wanted QB in the draft. That being said, the Cowboys better continue to build the roster through the draft and have it solid by the time we take a leap for our next QB, whether its for Manziel in 2yrs, or for someone else in general.

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  • Ricardo

    Two questions /comments

    1. Cotton Bowl was not a BCS bowl, albeit great competition
    2. Isn’t Manziel a RS Freshman this year so after his sophomore year, he can jump to draft right??

  • Ricardo, that would be correct, that would fulfill the 3yr requirements to enter the draft.