Rob Ryan Dismissed, who replaces him?

The Cowboys fired another assistant coach, and this time its defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. This is a move that I wanted to see happen, and one that needed to happen. Fact is, Ryan talked too much and couldn’t back it up, nor did he he ever elevate the defense to a top flight defense.

Its funny to hear that his defense was exotic and aggressive – it was not. How many times did the defense crumble under pressure. You can call it a scapegoat firing, but don’t pretend this was not needed. Its ridiculous seeing so many people taking an issue with this firing. I promise you these same people were cussing out Ryan everytime the defense looked lost and gave up touchdowns. Ryan was an adequate coach, but very upgradable.

Ray Horton is a name being floated around, but I think its time to call it for the 3-4. None of the supposéd gurus, Parcells, Phillips, and Ryan have made it work. We no longer have the larger personnel to run the 3-4, Spears is busted up, Ratliff played a psuedo NT and is beatup, Brent may have anchored the NT, but he’s done. Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys finally move to the 4-3.

There’s plenty of quality 4-3 defensive guys out there, you have Rob Marinelli, Dave Wannstedt, and keep an eye on in house coach, Brian Baker. He’s played the game, has 4-3 coaching experience under John Fox.

Baker is quietly regarded high among the defensive assistants, and credited with improving the defensive line play with players like Jason Hatcher and Sean Lissemore.

Its early, so let further speculation go wild. With Jerry back from vacation, changes are coming fast and furious.

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