Could Cowboys be Targeting Lovie Smith?

It hasn’t taken long for all the rumors and speculation to go wild soon after Rob Ryan was fired on Tuesday. Speculation is ranging from various defensive coordinator names, to scheme changes. There’s two things I believe the Cowboys are maneuvering towards: a change in scheme to the 4-3, and a change in philosophy.

Jason Garrett clearly said they would be going in another direction philosophically; which to me, this means 4-3 and a coach who approaches the defense differently than what we have been doing recently. To me this screams Lovie Smith, and he is about to be a highly sought out defensive coordinator since it doesn’t look like anyone is biting on his head coaching interviews.

Another nugget of news came today when it was said the remaining defensive assistants would need to interview with the next defensive coordinator, pretty much indicating their jobs are far from secure until this process is completed.

Lovie Smith, to me would be the cream of the crop when it comes to a 4-3 defensive mind, and his philosophy IS and has ALWAYS been to create turnovers. If you’ve watched the Bears defense they are always looking to create turnovers, everyone is jabbing at the ball, and looking to turn the tide to help the offense. Love Smith would coach this, and he’s likely going to bring his guys to teach it correctly. Many have described the Bears highly ranked defenses as an offense in essence. Not only do they create turnovers, but they have been able to turn those into points, and this is all coached, its all his philosophy.

Adding Lovie Smith should be paramount, and should happen asap. Jerry Jones would be brining in someone that can get this under performing defense back to its glory days of the 90s, and he would provide Jerry with an insurance policy. If Lovie was here and ¬†Garrett has another 3-5 start or worse then Jerry could feasible can him and implant Lovie as the head coach in a worse case scenario. The goal here would ultimately be to couple Garrett with a true defensive mind, there should be no more excuses for Garrett because Jerry is trying his hardest to make this work, but if this move doesn’t help Garrett it will be game over.

Jerry is making these moves, but I think there’s still some input from Garrett to some degree, and this move should be one that he gets on board with. I know Cowboys Nation will be amped and the fan base will once again be rabid and ready for the new season, because as it stands now, we have nothing to be excited about. Jerry, get it done sir, thank you.

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  • Ricardo

    Yes please, although, I see Lovie still interviewing in San Diego with a shot at head coach spot still..

  • I think Bruce Arians has the edge there especially with Telesco’s ties with the Colts, but we’ll see. I think we’ll hear some more changes before the weekend. What’s hurting Lovie is his offensive plans, I don’t think the owners are sold on whatever plans he’s bringing to the table, so he’ll likely end up being someone’s DC. We’ll see.