Senior Bowl Standouts that could fill Cowboys needs

The 2013 Senior Bowl is in the bag, and it left a lot to be desired when it came to the quarterbacks. This year’s QB class is one of the weakest in recent years, and the play from the QBs didn’t help their cause. So, you can scratch QB off the list of a successor to Romo, this class doesn’t have that player for us.

At this point, the Cowboys draft focus will be in the trenches: offensive and defensive lines. There are a few players that I really liked while watching the Senior Bowl, and watching them in a few games during the year. On the offensive line I liked:

  • OG, Larry Warford, Kentucky – he had a solid Senior Bowl, he exhibited power, run and pass blocking. He plays nasty and mauls people, a presence the Cowboys are lacking right now. Warford would be an instant upgrade over Livings or Bernadeau.
  • C, Brian Schwenke, California – there’s a lot to like about this player, he had a solid week of practice and finished with a strong game. He has size, and athleticism which allows him to be versatile. Schwenke is another type of player we need on the offensive line, so drafting him should be high on the radar. I would have no issues taking a center, we need one.

On the defensive line, there were a few players that stood out, some may be available at 18, and some will be moving up the boards:

  • DE, Datone Jones, UCLA – he gave tackles fits during practice and he brought that same intensity to the game. If Jones is on the Cowboys radar, I could see them pulling the trigger on this pick, especially if Spencer is gone in free agency. Solid pass rusher, a playmaker.
  • DE, Ezekiel Ansah, BYU – I’ve seen him when he played against Notre Dame this year and that’s when I first learned about this player, and watching him again in the Senior Bowl further convinced me this guy is the real deal. Wow, he had a monstrous game. This draft has some solid pass rushing ends, so the Cowboys will have some solid options once their pick arrives, adding Ansah opposite Ware would give the Cowboys an explosive pass rush. The Cowboys need more playmakers, and Ansah would fill that void.
  • DT, Kawaan Short, Purdue – if Short’s stock was high before the Senior Bowl, its jumped up even more after today’s performance. If the Cowboys are looking for a DT, this is the guy they need to target, he could be Kiffin’s Sapp. Ratliff is out of gas, so couple Short with Hatcher at DT and we’re looking at some serious rush action.

A few other players that stood out and kept making plays were safety Duke Williams, Nevada. Williams was all over the field and looked for contact. Its unlikely the Cowboys would use a high pick on a safety with Sensabaugh and Church entrenched at safety, plus Matt Johnson is still in the picture. But, if the Cowboys wanted to get another safety, Williams would probably fit great in Kiffin’s system. WR Marquis Goodwin, Texas was another player that just seemed to make plays in special teams and in the passing game too, he could be a look-at with our receiving corps needing some new blood with the impending departure of Ogletree in free agency. I’m sure the Cowboys will be looking to add another body or two there.

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