Aikman: Terrell is the “X” Receiver

If you missed the Fox Season Preview Special webcast a few days ago, you missed some great football talk. I must say, our boys, Aikman, Moose, and Coach Johnson are the most cerebral analysts of the bunch, and well versed on the current state of NFL teams – they represented.

So, the juicy part of the webcast was when Terry Bradshaw asked about Terrell Owens and whether or not he anticipates a “blow up” under Phillips. Aikman basically said that Owens will get the ball alot more than in his previous outings, and less likely to blow up. Terrell will be the featured receiver in this new X receiver offense that Garrett has installed in Dallas.
Aikman went on to give a very insightful look at things to come from T.O. He said that Terrell Owens is the X receiver in Garrett’s offense as opposed to the Z receiver (flanker) in the West coast offenses in SF and Philly.

Aikman also said that when T.O. was in single coverage in SF/Philly, they would not take advantage of that single coverage. Conversely, in the Norv Turner lineage, under Garrett, the X receiver is the playmaker, the one that WILL get the ball all the time in single coverage. Aikman said that Irvin was their X receiver under Turner/Zampese, and it was their goal to always get the ball to their X receiver in single coverage. When the Cowboys run the ball well, this opens up the X receiver’s opportunities for more single coverage.

Expect Terrell Owens to be the Irvin of this new offense under Garrett. Check out the Fox Season Special, Here.

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