Draft Day: Final Mock Predictions and Thoughts

Fellow die hard fans, this is the day we have all been waiting for, NFL Draft day is our offseason Super Bowl. All the mock drafts are are done, with all the rumors true or false coming to a conclusion this evening. For the cap strapped Cowboys this is an important draft, and could help Coach Garrett keep his job with the correct impact players or it could bring his tenure closer to an end with bad selections. Let’s go!

What we need

As of right now, the same offensive line from last year remains intact despite a horrendous job. Poor cap management and inability to upgrade the line via free agency means tonight’s draft must address the issue. We cannot afford to let Tony Romo take the field with this line, and we can’t afford the oft injured DeMarco Murray to take big hits. The revamping better come today. No other position or squad is in such bad shape as our offensive line. Give me an offensive lineman with our 1st round pick or 2nd round at the very latest. And we need more than one guy, we need a guard, tackle, and center

What may happen

The Cowboys are probably targeting Cooper and Warmack, but its anyone’s guess if they will last til our #18 pick. If that’s the case, the Cowboys could pull the trigger on their next best player on the board. Could be DT, or Safety, maybe WR. For me, I’d like to trade down and acquire an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick.; in which case, we take the best player on our board in the 1st. Maybe the safety Elam from Florida, or the OG/OT Pugh from Syracuse. There’s also the chance the Cowboys catch everyone off guard and draft a running back like Lacy.

The 2nd round is where the meat of the draft is going to be at, so if Jerry can pull a trade down, remain in the 1st and acquire an additional pick, then we could be on our way to a great draft.

Worst case scenario

What I don’t want to see happen is us wheeling and dealing and not come out of this draft with a starting offensive lineman. There will be some guys in the 2nd round, but I don’t want to wait till the 3rd round to draft an offensive lineman. I don’t want to see Jerry trade completely out of the 1st round either, for future draft picks, that has never worked well for us. Don’t do it. Draft the blue chips guys early, don’t come at me with an odd ball 1st round pick like Anthony Spencer? No one saw that coming and he was average. Don’t draft players with injury histories, that is killing us as well.

Who do I like

Give me Chance Warmack, J. Cooper, Fluker, Pugh, Schwenke, G. Bernard, Elam, K.Short, Montee Ball, E. Lacy, Duke Williams, Cyprien, M.Hunt, Randle, Te’o, Eifert, Ertz, Patterson, Stefan Taylor. I’ll take any combo if these players in the first two rounds. All these guys are playmakers, and we need more of that on this team. Get it done Jerry!

I’ll be live blogging tonight as our pick comes in. Go Cowboys!

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