Cowboys Draft C/OG Travis Frederick with #31 Pick

Well, Jerry Jones finds a way to ruin Cowboys Nation hopes for 2013. We traded from #18 to #31 to draft C/OG Travis Frederick, who is widely consider to be a 3rd round talent. He better start, and he better bump one of the other losers on the line that can’t play. He better be replacing Bernadeau or Costa. Period. You don’t do all this stupidity to draft a backup offensive lineman. These guys think we are only a few players away from winning Super Bowls, we are not. We needed some of those blue chip guys we passed up from 18-30. This is totally disappointing.

These guys better rally and haul in some badass dudes tomorrow night. Seriously, cut the fancy trade down crap out. We lose every time Jerry!

We are well on our way for a F draft grade.

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  • calken54

    jj being jj, I’ve said many times. jj doesn’t care about winning he’s all about making money. He thinks he built the 90’s Cowboys. If you run into him please tell him he blows as a GM.

  • Tag

    Just got back from a work trip
    This is the 1st draft that I have missed in 15 years.
    I didn’t even care to see it…
    Well, so far based on this first pick
    I will have to read the other picks..