What Our 2nd-3rd Round Picks Mean for the 2013 Season

The Cowboys took a beating with the Travis Frederick pick, but after thinking about it and with some reasoning the tone has calmed a bit; however, today’s pick in the 2nd round  with TE Gavin Escobar had fans boiling over with anger on several levels. Let’s look closer at the guys we drafted today and what their roles will be in the 2013 season.

TE Gavin Escobar, San Diego State (#47, 2nd round)

Escobar is a pass catching tight end, and will give Romo another option in the passing game. Honestly, this pick is puzzling, especially with the emergence of James Hanna being used in the same role.  At 6’6”, Escobar has the height, size and pretty good hands according to most draftniks. So we have Witten, Hanna, and Escobar. That’s a pretty solid stable of guys. I like the player, but the pick is not sexy and fans won’t buy into this until we see the production – as it should be.

WR Terrance Williams, Baylor (#74, 3rd round)

This is probably the most exciting pick of the draft thus far, he brings us a deep threat, and should be in the mix. You already know Miles Austin won’t make the full year, so this pick provides us with the same deep threat Austin provides, and better hands. If this pick works out, it will make it easier to unload Austin in another year or so. We need to jettison these injury prone guys. Williams comes from a good receiving program, and will only get better in Dallas. I like this pick a lot.

S, J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern (#80, 3rd round)

The Cowboys had a 2nd round grade on this player, so they got the guy that wanted and for the value. Again, this guy was not a sexy pick, or a household name, so fans are wondering who this guy is. The Cowboys liked him, Kiffin was onboard for this pick, so we’re going to have to see how this plays out. There’s potential, but only game play will tell us whether or not he is ready to start. He played RB before switching to Safety, which he excelled in this season, he has the instincts and makes hits in the middle of the field. Wilcox will be in the safety tournament with Matt Johnson, Barry Church, and Will Allen, I think the safety spots are wide open right now. May the best playmaking guy win!

There’s no doubt some of these picks could be considered controversial, but they are chipping away at some holes and weaknesses on the roster. We are improved, we just need to get these guys on the field and weed out the guys that aren’t earning their paydays.

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