Possible 4th-6th Round Targets

The Cowboys need to find some gems on this last day of the draft, the Cowboys have been able to find some late round gems in the past, so lets hope they can duplicate some of that magic. The Cowboys will be drafting 4th (17th pick), 5th (18th pick), and 6th (17th pick)

Outside of TE Gavin Escobar, the Cowboys have drafted players they brought in for pre-draft visits, so if the trend continues who else could be on their radar?

Running back is still a glaring need, so the 4th round could be where we see a RB added for depth. I’m not sure the Cowboys are sold on Tanner or Dunbar. Keep an eye on Joseph Randle, OSU there. Outside of Randle there are some solid running backs that are still out there. Notably, Stepfan Taylor, Stanford; Mike Gillisee, Florida; and Marcus Lattimore, SC. Personally, I really like Taylor, he is a complete back, and a solid pass blocking guy, something our current RBs don’t excel at. Would you take a late pick on Lattimore and see if he comes around later this year or next season? The Cowboys have never shied away from take an injured player.

Linebacker could be taken as well, the Cowboys brought in Sio Moore, but he was drafted. Keep an eye on Sean Porter, Texas A&M, he could be drafted to give us some needed depth. Both guys were mainly OLB, so we’ll see who else they may have targeted.  Jamie Collins, Southern Miss could be another guy that could fit in, with speed and instincts

Fullback is another area that could be taken with a late pick. The Cowboys tried to get a FB in 2011 with Shaun Chapas, but he didn’t make the team. Some are calling for a FB to replace Vickers, since he seemed to be ineffective and inconsistent. The Cowboys did bring in Zach Line, SMU during Dallas Day. Line was a productive FB at SMU, and can catch out of the backfield. Some other guys to keep an eye out for FB would be Kyle Juszczyk, Harvard. Juszczky is a big dude, and is a converted TE, who has really good hands, he would be an upgrade over Vickers.

CB/DT/DE could get drafted as well, the Cowboys didn’t have many of these guys for National visits, and the ones they did bring in are long gone, so if the Cowboys address one of these spots it can be anyone really. We can never have enough CBs, and an additional DE would be nice to give us depth there. We’ll see what the Cowboys have up their sleeves, lets finish strong. Go Cowboys!

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