Cowboys vs. Broncos 1st Half Impressions

The defense is going to be stout this year. The defense was able to man handle that Bronco offensive line, which are usually the guys delving out the punishment, not tonight! Swarming tackles are back in Big D. Miles Austin had a horrible 1st half. A lot of errors from the young WRs. Nick Folk connects on a 52yrd FG, Gramatica misses from 51yrds out.

Here are my notes from the 1st half:

1st Quarter:

Gramatica: Missed 51yd FG
Marion Barber run for a TD
Cowboys Forced Fumble on Den 7yrd line
Julius Jones physical run up the middle for a TD

2nd Quarter:

Marten & McQuistan are in
TO, Witten are done
Flo & Marc are done
Romo is still in
Fasano came off the field, possible shoulder injury…
Romo missed Austin, and threw INT, could have been Austin miss route, not good. DEN takes over on DAL 37.
Dime defense, Roy Williams at LB
Denver make a 34yrd FG
Tony Curtis is still in
Eb Ekuban out with strained achilles(DEN)
Miles Austin ran another miss route, Romo missed him
Romo converts big 3rd down, with 27yard pass to Crayton
From the 5 yrd line, Marion Barber TD
Jacques Reeves making special team plays, solidified that #4CB spot.
Swarming tackling all game long, very impressive.
Remi Ayodele, has been playing 2nd qtr in place of Ferg.
3rd down defense has been good
Crayton fumbled punt, but recovered, no good…
Very next possesion, Hurd fumbles, DEN takes over, no good…
WRs making Romo look bad, missing routes, fumbling around
Cowboys D stop the Denver offense near the goaline, Spencer got the pressure to flush the play down
Tyson Thompson, doing great in kick returns, #3 RB for sure.
Austin drops catchable pass, Austin is pulled, horrible night for Austin!
Nick Folk comes in for 52 FG, straight and true, FG is good. Folk inches past Gramatica in the kicker battle
(24-6) End Half

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