Dome Collapse Injures DeCamillis and Maxie

Earlier today the Cowboys’ outdoor practice dome collapsed due to heavy downpours and high winds. Several people suffered minor injuries. All coaches and players were accounted for.

Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis reportedly required a neck brace and assistant coach Brett Maxie suffered a leg laceration, according to a major media outlet, as a Saturday afternoon storm caused the team’s practice facility’s roof to collapse.

“He was moving his hands, and he was talking,” Phillips told the Dallas Morning News of DeCamillis’ condition before leaving for the hospital.

Players and media were assembled at the practice, where 10 other injuries were reported, including two people who are in serious condition, according to the paper.

Irving firefighters were combing through the wreckage an hour after the collapse to ensure there were no more injured parties. (gantdaily)

Sounds like the coaches and players made it out ok, but two “people” are listed in serious condition, let’s hope they are going to be alright and make a quick recovery.

UPDATE (10:43pm):

Special teams coach Joe DeCamillias suffered broken vertrebrae in his back during the collapse of the Cowboys’ indoor facility, his father-in-law Dan Reeves told Todd Archer.

Reached by phone Saturday night, Reeves said DeCamillis was undergoing an MRI and a CT scan, along with further tests.

“It’s just lucky and fortunate and a miracle really he’s not paralyzed,” Reeves said.

No players were seriously injured in the collapse, which happened about 3:30 p.m., but three other Cowboys personnel remain hospitalized: assistant athletic trainer Greg Gaither, who suffered a broken leg, college scouting coordinator Chris Hall, whose arm was injured, and scouting assistant Rich Behm, who was in critical condition with unspecified injuries. (DMN Blog)

What a horrible disaster, I hope everyone injured is abled to make a recovery and remain in good health. Our thoughts go out to all coaches and staff members

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