Report: Doug Free accepts 50% paycut

Well, as predicted, the Cowboys will be rolling the dice with Doug Free for the 2013 season. We are in trouble, no way to sugar coat this BS. Fans cannot be happy that Free will remain on the team this season. He sucks man. Yes, we saved money, but the bumbling idiot is still going to let guys bull rush him, Tony Romo will be on the run, our backs will get blasted in the backfield from the right side. Dumb.

Expect the two tight end set, but more for one of the tight ends to help out Free at RT. Lame.

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    Sad fact is no one after Jimmy understands the importance of a great O-line.

    Look at the Patriots, who does Brady have to throw to each year? Who runs the ball?

    Jerry, stop spending money on the players on the outside.

    You build a championship team from the inside (D-line & O-line) out……..

    Prediction for the season: 9-7.