Is Callahan being setup to buffer Garrett?

Jerry Jones recently let the “cat out the bag” in a recent interview when he basically said Bill Callahan would be calling the plays this season. There has been much debate over who would call the plays this year, and now we know (supposedly). I think we all know that the play calling will be a mix-bag between Garrett, Callahan, and even Romo.

So why would Jerry feed us a line about Callahan being handed the reigns in regards to the play calling? I have two theories, and one of them will surely apply if we have another 8-8 season or worse.

1. Jerry has the greatest affinity for Jason Garrett. He hand picked him to be our offensive coordinator before hiring Wade Phillips as the head coach several years ago, he promoted him to interim HC, and now head coach. Garrett is Jerry’s personal project and wants all the credit that could come from it. SO, naming Callahan as the OC could act as a buffer during a stretch of a slump, or at the end of the season where someone will need to get fired. In this scenario, Callahan is cut during the season or at the end; therein, protecting Garrett from “black monday”

2. Jerry takes the play calling from Garrett in hopes that he will have more focus on the game management where he has lacked seriously, and so Garrett can being more of a true head coach that delegates down to his coaches. If the team goes 8-8 or worse, Garrett is canned and Jon Gruden will be hired to coach the Cowboys with all his very familiar staff from previous stints in place, thus giving Gruden a head start on working on the team rather than scouring the league for assistant coaches. Chucky-ball 2014.

To me, this is what this whole announcement or convenient leakage to the media is about – get Callahan’s name out there. One of these two guys will NOT be with the team next season if we are average or less, question is who?

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    I would easily take Gruden as HC, then no more ” happy go lucky” as QB. Gruden would bring the swagger back… We need to bring back the nasty side …