Cowboys Return to Sloppy 2012 form

The Cowboys had a short week to prepare for the Raider’s game, but there was no excuse for the sloppy play across the board. The first team offense looked horrendous, and Romo was back to his same bad habits of holding the ball and taking sacks.

What’s the deal with the Special Teams unit, its the same story every year, and tonight’s game just highlighted how bad they still are. We still have players taking the ball out from deep inside the endzone and we still have abysmal tackling. I am not impressed.

Another 2nd Round Miss?

It’s always funny when everyone over hypes players in training camp and then when its time to play, these same players disappear. If you’re looking for help from this year’s draft class you’re in for a rude awakening, but the guy that really has me baffled is TE Gavin Escobar. Escobar looks bad, he’s too finesse, and cannot block – he’s not a player. If Escobar doesn’t pick up his game this is going to be a wasted pick, and as it stands right now its another miss on another 2nd round tight end. It’s infuriating.

The first team defense looked pretty good, and the 4-3 in general seems to be ahead of schedule, but I’m concerned about the depth and quality of depth behind our starters. We need some more pressure at the DT position. Look for the 2014 draft to be defensive line heavy, we’re paper thin here.

How ’bout that rookie center?

The draft pick we all rolled our eyes at when his name was called is playing some ball, Travis Frederick is going to be a solid player for us. He’s played well. The rest of the draft class is not impressing one bit, its full of projects and non-starters. The 2012 draft class isn’t doing very well either at this point, every single guy has a question mark next to their name. Well, maybe Morris Claiborne, but even he seems to be a bit brittle, put in a full season already dude!

If the season started today, I think the defense would be up to the task, but the offense has more work to do, lots more. This preseason game was a carbon copy of 2012 Cowboys football; in which, we win one solid game and then turn around and turn-in a sloppy game for a loss. We cannot go through this up and down season, it’ll be 8-8 all over again.

Garrett, clean it up!

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