The Cowboys dialed up another poor performance, highlighted by several boneheaded turnovers on offense. Yes, it’s the preseason, but you don’t see our rivals within the NFC East struggling on offense. I’ve seen our rivals and they are moving the ball and looking good on offense. The same cannot be said about the Cowboys and the starting offense is running out of time to get this thing going.

Next week is the dress rehearsal game against the Bengals, and if the offense can’t put together some decisive drives we are in trouble. No, we are not over reacting, it’s time to make that leap, we’ve given Garrett the keys and no more excuses will be tolerated.

The Cowboys saving grace has been the defense, they installed a new 4-3 scheme and they look miles ahead of the offense – that’s scary. I’m excited about the defense, but to get into the playoffs the offense better get their crap together.