Cowboys Offense Stifled, Lose to Chiefs 16-17

The Cowboys offense has picked up exactly where the 2012 version left, and that’s not going to get it done. We can’t run the damn ball, and we can’t convert 3rd downs because we are always stuck on 3rd and longs. The offense sucks man, same story. Tony Romo’s last offensive drive was horrendous, two near INTS, over throws – weak!

I’m not very confident in Morris Claiborne, I just don’t feel comfortable or trust the guy. He can’t stay healthy and he stuck the nail in the coffin for us with that bone-headed interference call. He’s not playing better than Newman, he’s just not. We got rid of Newman and replaced him with Carr, and we thought we got rid of the finesse play. Well, the finesse play has moved to the other side of the field. Right now, I am NOT a Claiborne fan.

The defense did what it could do, but the offense is killing us, just absolutely killing us. Again. This loss was a punch to the gut, we should have won this game. Romo choked, he can’t handle the pressure, and he never will. If we don’t blow people out and start this close game BS again like the last few years, it’ll be another 8-8 year and Garrett will get the boot.

I don’t wanna hear that the season just started and all the not time to panic BS. We have been there done that, do something different for once Romo and Garrett!!!

If we come out flat against the Rams next weak, then we’re well on our way for another crap season. We keep waiting for these guys to do something different but they keep doing the same thing every season.

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