Cowboys Cannot Afford 1-2 Start

The Cowboys host the Rams and the pressure is already heating up for Garrett & Co. During the offseason there was much debate and rumors about who would be the play caller this season. Garrett was mysterious in his answers, but Jerry Jones cleared the air and proclaimed that Bill Callahan would take over.

Fast forward to week 2, and the fallout from some questionable play calling is now front and center amongst Cowboys Nation. If the Cowboys have another poor offensive outing then expect the rhetoric to be ratcheted up to another level. As fans, we are done waiting, we are done with the same old mediocre seasons, and we are done with the anemic offense. This season is it for Garrett, the last ride for him.

Garrett has been average, and there hasn’t been any marked improvement since he took over. On top of that, his draft classes have not been good, 2011 may have been the best class with Tyron Smith and Bruce Carter as long term franchise type players. 2012 is a complete train wreck, and 2013 is a work in progress.

The panic button was punched last season, so forget the talk about its not time to panic, we are already here. A 1-2 start would mark another precursor to another poor season. This game against the Rams is going to be huge, we need a put together a batch of consecutive wins, plain and simple.

The Rams are an aggressive team, that take on the swagger and confidence of their head coach, Jeff Fisher. The Rams have an identity, something Garrett has proclaimed the Cowboys are building here in Dallas. Its been 3 years, shouldn’t we have an identity already? I’m expecting a very close game, one that could come down to a last drive and field goal to win it.

Defense will be the key in this game, for both teams, and I think in the end we’ll see the Cowboys defense carry load for the win. Either way you slice it, if the Cowboys lose expect the Jon Gruden watch to rear its head and begin to gain steam just a little bit. If the Cowboys win a close one with another poor offensive outing expect the play calling duties to attract the most discussion. The offense is clearly the weakest unit right now, and it has the most supposed play makers, so try to make sense of that.

Cowboys Next (3) games: @Chargers, Broncos, Redskins

Pull together some convincing wins for once! Please.

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