Every Roster Spot Up For Grabs

NFL fans have hit the lull that occurs after the NFL Draft and before training camp. Teams news in slowly trickling out to fans, but I have noticed something interesting over at the Official Cowboys site in regards to the depth chart. If you visit it right now, the depth chart is simply in alphabetical order. Could this be an indirect sign to ALL players that every roster spot is up for grabs, or perhaps something to motivate under achieving status-quo veterans? Maybe its just a coincidence.

Realistically, which roster spots would you say are the most up for grabs? Here’s the spots I see open:

LOLB – to me this is wide open considering everything that has happened to date. Spencer is bordering on disappointment status, Ellis yearly complaining could finally reach a flashpoint leading to an immenent release, and the Cowboys drafted Victor Butler and Brandon Williams. Obviously, the Cowboys won’t give up on Spencer being his 3rd year, but he had better some consistent play or he’ll be watching from the sidelines.

WR – outside of Roy Williams the battle for the #2 WR begins during the first mini camp and onwards. The battle for #2 WR could come down to durability. If you look at the receivers, the common denomintor would be injuries. Crayton, Austin, Hurd, and Stanback have yet to complete a season without some sort of injury that keeps them out for several games if not most of the season. Crayton is probably the front runner, but can Austin’s speed and deep threat be what Garrett wants opposite Williams.  To me Hurd could be the dark horse, and Stanback is the longshot, he’ll be lucky to make the team especially if he gets another injury during camp, he’ll be gone.

LG – in all likelihood Kosier probably gets the starting spot here, but let’s not count out Holland, Free, or Brewster. At the minimum the competition will be fierce for the right to backup Kosier this season, and possibly be his successor next season if everything goes well. The Cowboys have thrown everything at the position with a 4th on Free, and a 3rd rounder on Brewster this season, who is going to step up and be a legitimate player this year and beyond?

RCB – after last season, I believe this will be up for grabs as well. There was not enough from either player to outright say who the leading player is going into camp. Sure you could say Jenkins since he was a 1st rounder, but injury staggered his development early on. Scandrick is scrappy and was effective in the nickel, but showed he could cover and tackle. We’ll see how this one turns out, either way this competition is going to benefit the secondary, Jenkins and Scandrick will both see alot of playing time regardless.

ROLB – barring some freak injury Brooking is the starter; beyond that, expect Carpenter and Jason Williams to duke it out and the best player will be left standing. Supposedly Carpenter will get a legitimate chance to get on the field more than he has, but we’ll see if this comes to fruition come training camp. The winner gets time in the nickel and probably successor to Brooking. May the best LB win us over!

The Cowboys 2009 draft class is a rather unique group of players because these group of guys have to know they have to bring their a-game to unseat some status-quo veterans. We have not had other draft classes like this recently, so expect competition to be fierce and constanst from mini camp to the last pre-season game. Its on!

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