The Cowboys are like a junkie, you think they turned a corner then they relapse and revert back to their predictable ways. This team had a chance to start a winning streak, but now we’re left with more questions than answers – we stink.

Everyone was touting how we would have our way with the Chargers low rated pass and run defense. Lol, give me a break, these bumbling idiots (Garrett) failed miserably to exploit the Chargers deficiencies. Jason Garrett has a large chunk to blame for this gameplan, he is still a work in progress, a training on the job head coach.

When the Cowboys are presented with a chance to take the NFC East what do they do? They choke. They failed to extend any sort of stranglehold on the NFC East. We are a fake first place team inside the division. I’m not sold, and most fans are not sold either, we’ve seen this movie before and it never ends well.

With Miles Austin out we needed Terrance Williams to show up and start to look like a player for us. Instead, Williams is dropping passes, and fumbling the ball – you suck dude. As of right now, we’re stuck with an over priced Austin from now and for the foreseeable future.

What the hell is wrong with Morris Claiborne? Dude, looks like a bonafide bust right now. Is he playing better then Mike Jenkins did?, no, maybe the same, maybe worse. He is killing us, and everyone coordinator and QB know who to attack. We’re in trouble unless Claiborne wakes the hell up.

The schedule is unforgiving and this could turn ugly really fast if we don’t play better.

Upcoming: Broncos, Redskins, @Eagles, @Lions

This is going to be a treacherous path, and it really doesn’t get easy the rest of the way. For me, I’m at the point were I don’t believe in these guys. The culture has changed under Garrett, I’ll give him that, but they are missing that last nudge to get them over the hump. I really think Gruden is going to be here next season, especially at this 8-8 path we are on right now.

And yes Jerry, these are the same old Cowboys. We can’t string together a winning streak.

I’m not impressed.