By now, you have either gotten over the Broncos game or you have not; however, the loss illustrates how the Cowboys offense can compete with the top offensive juggernauts in the league. All of this offense was done without Miles Austin.

Terrance Williams looks to be gaining confidence and momentum each game, and its time to turn the page on Miles Austin. Why hold on to the injury prone player?, get something for him and get something that can help the Cowboys right now. Having Austin on the team is like having a player that is suspended every single season. He misses too much time. Dump him now, the trade deadline is Oct. 29th and there are some teams that need a WR. The biggest hurdle would be Austin’s inflated contract and age (29)

Get a draft pick for Austin or get a player + plus draft pick. Austin will not be here in 2014, the writing is on the wall, so make a deal.

If we can get help for the remainder of the season, the obvious weakness is the defensive line. Either get a player or get a pick we can flip to add defensive line help for the 2014 draft. The 2013 defense looks different, but they are still giving up too many yards. Ware is on the downside of his career and its time to start looking for his replacement, we cannot be a homer about this, its realistic, he’s only going to slow down.

Jerry, make the move, we’ve held on to Austin more than we should of, but its time. Give the fans some hope that something is being done to help the defense now and for the future.