Tecate Sports Awards Nominate Romo

Tony Romo is a nominee for the second annual Tecate Premios Deportes (Tecate Sports Awards).  This award recognizes about 60 hispanic athletes that excel in their respective sport.

The American Football Nominees are:

1. Robert Garza, Chicago Bears
2. Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City Chiefs
3. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
4. Jeff Garcia, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5. Luis Castillo, San Diego Chargers

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Tony Casillas will be one of the voters, lets get some love from Casillas and get Romo that award.

Winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of current and former professional athletes and sports personalities including, famed boxer Oscar de la Hoya; retired NFL player Tony Casillas; NFL Hall of Fame recipient Anthony Munoz; former Mexican soccer coach and Univision soccer announcer Jesus Bracamontes; and Enrique Borja, legendary Mexican forward and team president of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) Tigres. (PRNewswire)

Based on the players nominated with Romo, I think Romo has a good chance to earn this award, we’ll see how it goes.

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