Wide Receivers – Let’s See What Happens

What’s up everyone, sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been extremely busy at work and outside of work; but, I have been reading the latest news on the Cowboys. The hot topic at the moment and probably through training camp will be the fragility at the wide receiver position. I’m reading the mini camp reports and saw nothing but receivers dinged up and not practicing. Could this be because of lack of conditioning during the offseason or are we looking at something worst here like a complete stable of injury prone receivers?

No one is pushing the panic button yet, but we all know it definitely in the back of our minds, and if you aren’t concerned then you’re just living in a dream world. We’ll be fine in the receiving game since we have the best tight end in the league with Jason Witten, and Martellus Bennett will provide another spark for us…right? Well I’m not sold on that idea. Yes Witten is the real deal, and Bennett could very well be a good contributing factor, but you still need receivers, you still need a complete team to make a championship run, that’s what fans want after all isn’t it?

The wide receivers will be under the gun, and so will Jerry’s decision to trade for Williams and drop Owens the rest of the entire season. This whole situation is a whole “let’s see what happens” attitude, and its going to go one of two ways:  shear brilliance or very stupid.

Let’s get through July, and see what training camp and the preseason brings us.

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