Well it didn’t take long for Romo’s bad play to rear its ugly head. The Cowboys were able to run all over the Giants in their 33-31 loss; but once more, Romo ruins the night with shoddy play and poor decisions. The consensus is beginning to trickle in tonight, and the common denominator is that Romo virtually lost this game single-handedly.

3 interceptions for 21 points, pathetic. Yes, the season is early, but its the same story with Romo, it really is. One good play, 3 horrid plays. The one consistent thing about Romo is his bad decisions. Some of this blame has to go on Garrett as well, corral Romo or expect more of the same. This game was extremely heartbreaking for Cowboys Nation, and why can’t the Cowboys win these special occasion games. The Triplets induction to the Ring of Honor, the final game ever in Texas Stadium, and now the first regular season game at Cowboys Stadium. What a chokeathon from Romo again.

Of course we’ll root the Cowboys on, but this is becoming a regular thing with Romo’s play, and its not even December yet. On another note: What the heck happened to Scandrick, did he forget to make plays and tackle, he had a horrible game, extremely disappointing.

What good can you pull from this game? I know there’s some, but right now the bad is overshadowing the positives.

NEXT GAME: Panthers @ Cowboys, MNF