With Three Games In, The Cowboys Are…

With just three games into the season, the Cowboys have already had the early dramatics, and disappointments. Let’s take a look, in general, at how this team is doing and how we’re going to improve. If we’re being 100% honest about this team, let’s get to the reality of it…this team is average and has not impressed anyone, yet. Romo picked up where he left off the last two seasons, penalites galore, Flozell’s drive killing penalties, injuries, inconsistent play. Jason Witten, Choice, and perhaps Jay Ratliff are the virtual lone consistent players right now.

The thing that scares me about this version of the Cowboys thus far has been the lack of explosiveness early on. The last several seasons the Cowboys started out blowing up people and lighting it up, and then the November/December months drop offs. This year, the Cowboys seem to have just casually galloped out the gate, could it be that the Cowboys are trying to pace themselves and leave the explosiveness for the end of the season this time? Not sure about that, but, one thing is for sure, neither side is looking good enough to win the division, let alone make the playoffs and win.

Yes, yes, at 2-1, its early and not the end of the world.  When you look back at how, you the fan, have felt watching these games, how many times did you feel worried about losing, choking away another loss, or just not very confident in the play calling? This team is underachieving early on, in my opinion.

Roy Williams is disappointing, Martellus Bennett has NOT had any impact in the passing game whatsoever as we had hoped or foolishly predicted. Felix Jones looks to be somewhat injury prone, after each of his big runs do you cringe and wonder if he pulled something or got injured? He’s not very durable. Great player, and extremely explosive, exciting player, but where’s the health at? Jason Garrret’s play calling at some points reminds me of some dumb Switzer/Zampese play calling, just dumb. Lastly, Wade Phillips has been a disappointment as the full-time defensive play caller; which again, raises questions about the viability of the 3-4 scheme in Dallas, the gurus have not “made it happen” in Dallas yet.

Where’s the good news you say?

Well, the Cowboys are facing a very average Denver Broncos team this week, and then a horrible Kansas City team before going into the bye week. In theory, the Cowboys should be able to defeat these teams and go into the bye week at 4-1.  No faultering allowed, after the bye week the schedule gets tough the rest of the way. Let’s hope for some improvements in all areas.

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