The Cowboys let the Broncos hang around and win the game, and Wade Phillips’ seat should be warming up. Despite being 2-2, the Cowboys are really playing some very mediocre ball on both sides of the ball. We’re on track for a dreadful 8-8 season if this team doesn’t make some changes.

Its the same story different week, shoddy tackling, penalties, poor play calling, bad decisions everywhere. We were lucky to pull out last week’s game against the Panthers; otherwise, we’d be staring at a 1-3 start, which is really how this team is playing right now. We’re just not that good.

The loss of Terrell Owens is starting to show in the lack of production by the receivers. We’re close to being one dimensional. I’ve seen enough of  Roy Williams , and guess what? he’s not a #1 WR, everyone else is inconsistent. Witten, a TE, is our best receiver, but you can’t count on him all the time. Defenses know we have week receivers, and are now figuring out that you can shutdown Witten and we’re left with a banged up running game to carry the load.

I want to see Kevin Ogletree activated and pickup where he left off with Romo in the preseason. Something needs to change, and quick.

The defense sucks when it comes to crunch time. I want to see more Victor Butler, Spencer sucks, and so does Carpenter. That’s probably why we’re seeing the rookie Jason Williams sneak in some playing time today.

You’re seeing the same things I am, so I won’t go on and on, but all signs are pointing to a mediocre season.