Expect More Hurd

Terry Glenn suffered a knee injury just five days into camp, and had arthroscopic surgery on August 1st. So Glenn (33), has had a few weeks to heal, and as expected, the Cowboys are being very cautious with his return. Glenn is targeting the season opener to return to the field.

Coach Phillips said Glenn, “probably will practice the day after we play Minnesota.” Dallas plays the Vikings in its last preseason game Aug. 30, which is 10 days before the Sept. 9 season opener against the New York Giants.

“Everything has been going according to plan, so Terry should be all right,” Phillips said. “He knows what to do and he knows how to do it. And as long as he’s ready physically, I think he’ll be ready to do it.”

In the meantime, its Hurd time. Sam Hurd has clearly been penciled in as the #4 WR right now, but you can expect Hurd to get in more time against the Texans this Saturday. Hurd has had a solid camp, and has continued and improved upon what he did last year. More reps and more playing time against the Texans will help Hurd, in case Glenn is not completely ready for the Giants opener.

Hurd is a very viable backup, and could be ready to take the next step, which could be sooner than expected. Hurd was brought in last year as an undrafted rookie, from Northern Illinois, and has been taken in by Terrell Owens. Owens is a master of his craft, so you can bet Hurd has been learning all that he can from one of the league’s elite receivers.

The wide receivers roster spots are close to being locked in for the 53-man roster.

I have: Owens, Glenn, Crayton, Hurd, Stanback, Austin

Austin has been leap frogged by Stanback for the simple fact that the Cowboys see way to much potential in Stanback to just place him on the practice squad, that’s not going to happen, so Austin is on the verge, it could go either way. Austin needs a solid performace against the Texans.

Molding the offense 

Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett, is building the offensive line to his liking, the line is big right now, but if you equate Marten and Free into the lineup in the near future it gets even bigger. The same goes for the wide receivers, I suspect Garrett wants to build up the receiving corps to his liking. Hurd has the size, and tools to be successful, question will be if Garrett sees Hurd as a franchise type WR. Garrett knows the formula to win, and he’ll be looking for players like Irvin, Harper, and maybe a speedy #3 like Kevin Williams. Do we have those type of receivers on the roster right now? Just something for you to ponder.

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