If Cowboys Lose to Chiefs

Who would be believe there’s high drama so early in the season with the Cowboys just 2-2 going into week 5 against a 0-4 Kansas City Chiefs team? Fans are closely watching the drama that is being built up in Dallas, like a volcano waiting to erupt. No one wants to play a team that has yet to win a game; moreover, the Cowboys don’t want to be the team to give them their first win. A loss in any fashion against the lowly Chiefs would be very bad news for the Cowboys, their fans, and any playoff aspirations.

Which team is going to show up?

For Wade’s sake the Cowboys better win this game; if not, a change could be made at the bye week. Of course the chances of a head coaching change at 2-3 would be slim to none, it would at least be considered by the Jones braintrust. 2-3 would set us back within our division, and the schedule after the bye is non-stop brutality. The Cowboys will face Atlanta, Seattle, Eagles, and Packers to name a few. The way the Cowboys are playing right now there’s no way we beat any of them, maybe the Seahawks.

Devil’s Advocate

Let’s say the Cowboys blow it on the road at Kansas City and drop to 2-3, and the ride back home Jerry decides Wade has lost the team, fires Wade, promotes Jason Garrett to Head Coach and gives Garrett a test run for the remainder of the season.  Would this even be possible you ask? Sure it could be done, Campo would likely take over the defense, and Sherman would take over the offense. If Garrett turns the team around and gets us to the playoffs he could stay as head coach and this would be the only thing that would save Garrett’s job as well. Most fans do not hold Garrett in high regard either, so convincing wins would be the only way Garrett remains.

On the other hand

Scenario two could be more telling for the overall confidence in the coaching staff. Let’s say the Cowboys lose, and Wade is not cut loose, well to me this would be an indictment against Garrett. If there would be anytime to cut Phillips loose with a seamless transition it would be during the bye week; however, if Phillips remains this means Jerry has no confidence that Garrett could have taken over the team and turned around the season. This would virtually seal his fate at the end of the season if the Cowboys keep on the average track they are on right now – look for a complete coaching overhaul for the 2010 season.

If the Cowboys lose to the Chiefs, this is going to be a media circus with Phillips, Garrett, and Romo leading the way. Questions will be raised as to whether or not to bench Romo, make a trade for another receiver, firings and benchings will be the hot topics during the bye week. Lets hope for a win, that’s what we all want, not sure we’re on track for many this season.

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