Austin Saves Wade, But Not The Season

Wow, what a game, what a load of garbage turned in by both sides of the ball too. All kudos for Miles Austin saving the day with his big catches for the win. But one thing remains a constant for this team, and that’s inconsistency everywhere you look.

I really wanted the Cowboys to blow out the lowly Chiefs the same way the Giants demolished a similarly crap team in the Raiders; but no, we’re clearly not at the same level as the Giants, not even close. We can’t close out crappy teams, and we can’t win against solid teams, we still suck, we really do.

Going into the bye, fans don’t feel any better than we did before the Chiefs game, and that’s thanks to yesterday’s hearty helping of pure sloppiness in a win that should have never been that close. We’re horrible. How can a team build on a squeaky win like that, give me a break. We have no discipline, no play calling skills, no defense, no passing game, no pressure or sacks, special team blunders, just sucky.

Austin may have saved Wade’s job, but the season has a long way to go, and the early struggles scare me since we have yet to get to our traditionally lousy December choke fests.

Here’s What We Know (going into the bye)

1. The defense in under performing even with Wade fully in charge

2. The loss of T.O. is officially evident in the lack of big plays in the passing game.

3. Roy Williams is a bust

4. Felix Jones is not very durable

5. Martellus Bennett has been a ZERO factor in the game, zero.

6. Flozell Adams sucks, yet we never address his liability each season

7. 3-4 has been a bust in Dallas, seriously, no guru has made it work here, scrap the crappy scheme soon.

8. Romo is not that good, simply overrated

9. Newman is on his last season here, he’s on the downside of his career

10. Crayton is reckless and can’t be counted on in punt returns or the passing game, he sucks.


1. Jason Witten is the best tight end in the NFL

2. Jay Ratliff is a beast, and best player right now on defense

3. Keith Brooking was a great addition and upgrade over Zach Thomas

4. Tashard Choice can carry the load and be counted on

You see, the negatives simply out weigh the positives of this team, we don’t have a championship mentality. We think we have the roster, and maybe we do, but the coaching is the biggest liability. Which ever way the season ends, Jerry better get a coach in here to salvage this roster before we go back to the 5-11 seasons. Jerry, inquiry about Mike Holmgren.

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