Patrick Crayton Demotion’s Complete

Looks like the Cowboys have finally opened their eyes and will start Miles Austin as the #2 WR over Patrick Crayton. When I first saw the headline news I thought this was great and I love it, then I read that Crayton is upset. Give me a break, the guy is unreliable, his hands went from the best to questionable, reckless with ball security after the catch, this was a long time coming. Take the demotion and shut up, and the coaches don’t need to apologize, this team has been playing uninspired football since the end of the 2008 season. Just play and makes plays, or get demoted.

Austin taking over as the #2 further proves that Crayton has been demoted across the board, it also shows the Cowboys have grown tired of Crayton’s shoddy play. The occasional good catch simply cannot overcome Crayton’s big let downs, Im happy to see the demotion. I’m also glad that Rossum was signed and should handle punt returns over Crayton as well.

Look for Austin to take full advantage of his opportunity and help Romo make some plays. He seems to be the only receiver in recent weeks to be an impact. Roy Williams is a freakin’ bust, seriously.

No Trades for Dallas

The Cowboys were offered a major trade deal for one of their players but Jerry declined the trade. We’re not sure who the supposed player was, but Im sure it’ll be leaked out soon. For my money, I would have like to see Jerry trade Romo to San Diego for Phillip Rivers. I would still love to see this happen, it won’t but I wish.

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