Gruden Watch has started in Dallas

Well, we shouldn’t be surprised with the loss in New Orleans; however, the blowout could be a nail in Jason Garrett’s coffin. The team is a carbon copy of the last two season’s and the outcome is not going to be pleasant. With 10 games in the bag, and sitting at 5-5, the Cowboys are in trouble. The switch is not going to flip on, there isn’t going to be a miraculous run the rest of the way.

There are 6 games remaining on the schedule, and by most forecasting, the Cowboys need to win 3 of the last 6. I don’t see it happening. I really don’t. Here’s what we have coming up after the bye:

12. Nov. 24 @ New York Giants, 3:25 p.m. (LOSS 5-6): Unlike the Cowboys, the Giants are rallying, and the switch has come on for these guys. We are not going to win this game in NY.

13. Nov. 28 vs. Oakland Raiders, 3:30 p.m. (WIN 6-6): I’m saying a win here, but this is a toss up game. The Raiders will be competitive in this game, it’ll mirror the Vikings game.

14. Dec. 9 @ Chicago Bears, 7:40 p.m. (MNF) (LOSS 6-7): The Bears are a hard team to beat at home, we won’t this game. I don’t see it happening.

15. Dec. 15 vs. Green Bay Packers, 3:25 p.m. (LOSS 6-8): With Aaron Rodgers back, this team will be looking to get in the wild card hunt, so it’ll be a battle, but we’ll get lit up on defense. The season has proved elite QBs will carve us up.

16. Dec. 22 @ Washington Redskins, 12:00 p.m. (LOSS 6-9): This game could go either way, but the ‘skins will be looking for revenge on their field. RG3 has been improving throughout the season, and he’ll be clicking here at the final stretch.

17. Dec. 29 vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 12:00 p.m. (LOSS 6-10): This could be for the Eagles getting into the playoffs, not us. We have consistently lost in “winner get in” games. The Eagles win.

6-10, out of the playoffs, and going the wrong way. If you think the Cowboys win more than 1 more game, I’d like to see how or against whom. Dallas is in trouble right now, the players are shaken, and the injuries are a crutch for an excuse at this point. We are going the wrong direction. The pieces are here, but I know Jason Garrett is not going to be the guy to get us out of this rut. He’s been a coach-in-training since Jerry brought him in. He needs to go to the collegiate ranks and get more time on the clock. He can’t manage games, and the gameplans are poor. Garrett comes up with a gameplan without a plan b every week. Once our gameplan is figured out or shutdown, its downhill the rest of the game. Pull the shoot and hope Romo can pass all night long. Its amateur hour in Dallas under Garrett, get him out of here!

We are starting to see signs of Jerry Jones questioning this staff and some of the moves made in the offseason. Jon Gruden watch is on, and with Gruden making it clear he would like to coach again, the timing could work out for a change in Dallas. USC is interested in Gruden, but I think Gruden is looking to stay in the NFL, and a high profile spot in Dallas would fit the bill. I’m done with Garrett and his inability to get this team on an upward tick. With each disappointing loss, the pressure on Jerry to make a change will mount that much more.

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    I agree with ya Joe. I see us ending no better than 6-10.

    We need major sweeping changes, coaches, players and philosophy.
    We need to get some hard ass attitude and ditch this “awe shucks Richie Cummingham” attitude..
    I like Gruden attitude and fire, we need his passion on both sides of the ball.

    Every fan should boycott the remaining home games, send a message to Jerry .

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    Seems other teams just have to throw the ball in the vicinity of their wide out and they go get it and come down with a long gain. BUT for our wide outs we need to throw the PERFECTLY…. Then ONLY, when we keep our eyes on the ball AND the defense does not go to the ball… We complete the 5 yard pass…GEEZ