Cowboys Find New #1WR in Miles Austin

The search for Terrell Owens production as a #1 WR has been found in Miles Austin. If I’m the Cowboys, I keep going with Austin and don’t look back. Austin is clearly the new #1 WR on this team, he makes plays, and gains huge chunks after the catch, sounds like #81 from last season.

Now, that we have found our #1 WR, the search continues for the #2 WR. Let’s get to the point, Roy Williams is NO #1 WR, he’s not a big play maker like Owens from last season, and he hasn’t even made plays like Austin has been making since he took over. Austin’s emergence is a great welcome, but it also amplifies the big mistake in paying all that money and draft picks for a #2 WR in Roy Williams, what a bust. Roy wasn’t a #1 in Detroit because of his injuries and because of his lack of playmaking plays, this is why they drafted Calvin Johnson, we got our eyes poked out again with this trade.

Let’s enjoy this win, and hope for more of the same results, and let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I remember listening to Jimmy Johnson and he pretty much said that Cowboys fans change moods week to week. One week we’re horrible and won’t win any other games, and then a game like this against the Falcons we’re thinking we’re Super Bowl bound. Its one game, we still have a whole lot of inconsistencies across the board, and lots of improvements need to be made to grow from this convinicing win over the Falcons.

We host the Seahawks next sunday, lets hope for a convincing win please, and not a barely winning it Chiefs type game against a bad team.

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