Four Games Remain, How Will it End for Dallas?

The Cowboys have done what most didn’t think was possible considering how they have been playing. I didn’t see the Cowboys winning the Giants game, but they pulled it off. The team had a slow start against the Raiders on Thanksgiving and it was here we go again with these guys. Well, after two games after the bye the Cowboys are sitting at 7-5 and in first place in the NFC East, plus a perfect 4-0 in the division. I’ll admit, I wrote these guys off going into the bye, but the Cowboys have stormed back and for now, it looks like they turned on the switch.

The Cowboys now head into December, the final stretch, and the intrigue will mount each week. These Cowboys are so unpredictable, but who doesn’t like to predict and forecast games? I sure do, and I’ll admit, the Cowboys have proved my wrong the last few weeks. Tony Romo’s December slumps are well documented, but for the Cowboys to take that next step, they need to continue to buck the trend and finish strong to clinch this thing.

Cowboys’ Four Remaining Games

14. Dec. 9 @ Chicago Bears, 7:40 p.m. (MNF): I still think this will be a hard game for us on the road, but I think we have a chance here. This game is a toss up now for me. We either end up 8-5 or 7-6

15. Dec. 15 vs. Green Bay Packers, 3:25 p.m.: The Packers are struggling, and with Rodgers out, this should be a win. Even if Rodgers does come back, he’ll be playing with alot of caution. This should be a win 9-5 or 7-7

16. Dec. 22 @ Washington Redskins, 12:00 p.m.: The Redskins are a mess, and the wheels are falling off, at this point, we should be routing for RG3 to be the starting QB here; although, by the time we get to Washington, Cousins could be leading this team. We take the sweep here 10-5 or 7-8 if we are choking it up. Winning this game at Washington would be a huge advantage which would put us at 5-0 in the division.

17. Dec. 29 vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 12:00 p.m.: If the Cowboys can rattle off some wins before we get to the final game, the Cowboys will either be resting players this final game, or this game could be another winner take all games. The Eagles have played all their divisional games, (currently 3-2) so this week 17 is their last one.  Final record: 11-5 to 7-9

I fully expect every single game to look like our last 2 games. So basically, get ready to bite your nails off. Things are looking on the upside, but like every fan out there, we are all cautious with our optimism. We know what these Cowboys are capable of, let’s just hope the switch has flipped on and stays that way going into December and January.

The Rest of the NFC East

Eagles (6-5): Cardinals, Lions, @Vikings, Bears, @Cowboys

Giants (4-7): @Redskins, @Chargers, Seahawks, @Lions, Redskins

Redskins (3-8): Giants, Chiefs, @Falcons, Cowboys, @Giants

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