Pretending to be Consistent

What a load of bs turned in by the Cowboys against the very beatable Packers. Just when you get comfortable with the Cowboys they turn in one of these pathetic, turnover, penalty, sloppy ladened games. Anyone still think we’re back on track and going to be 13-3 or 12-4? This team never ceases to disappoint me, they beat the Falcons, they beat up the Eagles on the road, and then take a dump on fans in Green Bay…sucky.

I have been and will continue to be wary of this team. November has been very good to Romo and the Cowboys, its Decemeber that we need to be looking at. Here’s the remainder of the schedule, pay attention to December’s games:

  • Washington (Nov)
  • Oakland (Nov)
  • @ Giants (Dec)
  • San Diego (Dec)
  • @ New Orleans (Dec)
  • @ Washington (Dec)
  • Philadelphia (Jan)

This is just a brutal schedule, any crap performances like the Packers and stick a fork in us. Historically, December has been our worst football. There isn’t going to be an easy game the rest of the way, not that the Cowboys have beaten easy teams at ease, but I’m just saying this is going to be something to watch. Are we the contenders or pretenders? To me the odds are against us, just based on history. Add injury to our star RT, in Marc Colombo and we’re in big trouble in the pass/run blocking.

I’m not dooming this team yet, but there’s no way you can crown the Cowboys yet, they haven’t done well, especially in December. The Cowboys probably need to win (5) more games to get into the playoffs, 11-5 should get us in. Do you honestly see us winning (5) out of the next (7) games? Do you believe in this coaching staff, in these players? Man, I want to with all my heart, but there’s just this uneasing feeling I have looking at the way we’ve been playing, even in these close wins.

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  • Eagles fan all day

    Cowboys suck… December will prove to be another landslide for your lowly cowboys once again… I cant wait until Jan when the Eagles will put the cowboys in their place once again, out of playoffs where they belong.