Last night blow out loss against the Chicago Bears is rock bottom for this team, or so we hope. The loss puts the Cowboys a game back of the Eagles and in serious jeopardy of making the playoffs. Each December there’s the mythology about Tony Romo struggling down the stretch, but its really the whole team, it really is. Romo has killed us in close games and that’s well documented, but if the team played better we wouldn’t be in these win and in situations every single year. Its torture to Cowboys fans, its ridiculous how we can all predict how this will end too.

You can try to do the math to see if the Cowboys can still get in, but lets be real;  and lets go by what history says; and lets go by how this team has performed the last three seasons under Jason Garrett, you’ll have your answer. This team is not going to get in the playoffs, not with this Monte Kiffin lead defense. We all know the Eagles have turned it on; and to be quite frank, they look like the Giants squad that went all the way, they are red hot right now. And like clock work, the Cowboys remain in the hunt, but find ways to screw it up every year, its sickening.

Last 3 Games: Packers, @Redskins, Eagles

For tortures sake, lets see how the Cowboys still have hope of getting in the playoffs.

The Cowboys MUST win the next two games and hope the Eagles lose one of their games. You can flip a coin, in predicting these last games, but go with your gut instinct and you’ll have your answer.

Eagles next 3: @Vikings, Bears, @Cowboys

Either way, at the end of the season Kiffin must go, and you better convince Rod Marinelli of staying on board with a hefty raise as well, but with rumors of Lovie Smith possibly going to Houston, we could lose Marinelli as well. The 2014 defense will need to be revamped and will need to have a fresh 4-3 mind in place. Start looking for names now and get rid of Eberflus and Henderson, they aren’t getting it done. With cap hell it’ll be interesting to see what the Cowboys can do in free agency. For sure they’ll need to go heavy on defense and they better hit on every pick, don’t draft another Escobar – what a wasted pick man.

So, there you have it. Its do or die the rest of the way. We cannot lose another game. Who Should Coach Dallas in 2014? Take the Poll Here.