Cowboys Choke on Cheese, Garrett Must Go, Get Out of Dallas!

All together everybody: Embarrassing. This team is so predictable and so sad. The Cowboys choked, they flat out choked out this game. We were running all over these guys and again, the gameplan was abandoned. Jason Garrett has been a learning head coach in training and he cannot be back next season. Jerry Jones will be asked about Garrett’s future and he better stfu about being committed to Garrett. He’s garbage, total garbage.

We lost to a freakin backup QB today, on a remarkable comeback, so the defense needs to go away too. No more frankenstein staffs Jerry. Blow this damn staff out of here and go get someone that has true experience, someone who can get this team to close out games. Garrett is not ready to be a head coach.

Jerry needs to get someone in here. Go after a Pete Carmichael, or David Shaw from Stanford. A leadership change is needed.

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  • Tag

    Wow, what an ugly display!
    I am embarrassed to say I am a cowboy fan! We flat out suck!
    JG- is not HC material he needs to LEAVE
    Dez – pulled a Randy Moss and left the game. QUITTER! Don’t let the door hit ya!
    Other WR’s – also quit on plays through out game… Lack intensity and focus
    Romo- was typical Romo…INT’s. We NEED to draft a QB
    Scandrick- why does he even get a paycheck
    Game Plan on both sides of ball-predictable, boring, no half time adjustments, no focus on strengths/weaknesses of our players and opponents

    Since Jimmy, our players lack the mental side (focus, intensity, confidence , pride, ego, etc). Our players zone out, take plays off, lack attention to detail with understanding of position & time of game, celebrate ONE PLAY as if they just won the SB….headcases , divas and dumbasses…… I am SO TIRED of seeing the same Sh!t game after game and year after year… We hit an ugly low, then we win one… Our hope is up, then they crush it.. This down and up roller coaster happens every year… We finish each year with the last game as playoff potential… What Jerry gets is people buy tickets through out the whole year…he makes money. What do we get.. We get a weak team.. Getting knocked out of playoffs, backing in, needing someone else to lose..yada yada.. Translation- no playoff wins, no good draft picks and same song and dance next year..

    Jerry only listening to profits and money in his pocket. We need to get his attention, give him LESS MONEY!

  • Well said Tag, and I agree with all your points. This team is a tease. I hate to say this, but (not really) to get out of this “December” mythology that has turned into reality, we need to get free of Romo. Realistically, Jerry will keep him until we have completely wasted the talents of Ware and Witten. We already know that Ware is on the decline. Witten is solid, but even he will eventually fall to age.

    Its a wasted era in Cowboys history. They need a big shakeup. I don’t see us beating a Cousins lead Redskins team, and forget the Eagles game.

  • gwilliams4814

    I am so sick of the same lame ass excuses that Garret and Romo display at the podium after each loss. This current cowboys team probably couldnt hold its own against a better than average college team. Jerry Jones should fire himself, hire a GM with football knowlege and has a clue of how to put a winning product on the damn football field. Monte Kiffin is dated, his time has come and gone, he should be fired immediately and if Jerry Jones believes what he said last week about having confidence that Kiffen can right this horrible defense, he is just in denial.

  • rugged15

    We as fans are ALL very, very upset & frustrated!!! I totally agree with your post & everyone else’s comments. Here’s the WORST REALITY….we can get rid of all the coaching staff, some players via trade or simply cut them and start anew BUT who is still going to HIRE a new coaching staff, draft or acquire free agent players, etc???? The ONLY CONSTENT the franchise has had since the last SuperBowl? Jerry “Jethro” Jones!!!! Are we really going to TRUST & actually have FAITH that he’s going to get it right???? Nope….NOT AT ALL!!! This once proud franchise has been ruined. As long as HE is still at the helm then NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE…MORE SAD days TO COME

  • Rugged15, I agree 100%. At the end of the day, and the bottom line is that Jerry’s horrendous roster and coaching moves have kept this team in neutral forever now. It all starts with Jerry, he’s been more bad than good for this team since Jimmy left.