Regretting Leaving Staff in Place Yet?

At 8-5 the Cowboys are in serious trouble. The annual December slide is officially on, and the search for a new head coach is officially on as well (from a fan’s point of view). Fans of the Cowboys have zero faith that the Cowboys will turn it around, so the talk is turning full speed to the next head coach and draft pick position.

The Cowboys will likely finish out the season 8-8, perhaps 9-7 and missing the playoffs. The Cowboys remaining schedule:

  • Saints (loss)
  • Redskins (?)
  • Eagles (loss)

Jerry should get an early under the table start on the next head coach for the Cowboys because this year will prove to be one of the biggest head coaching turnovers in several season’s.

Coaches to look out for:

  • Bill Cowher – leads the pack for any team, will demand big bucks, Jerry will have to pay big for him to come here
  • Mike Holmgren – would be a perfect fit here for Romo, but appears to be headed to Seattle to GM
  • Jon Gruden – the name brings grumbles, but could be be what the Cowboys need like the Bucs needed the year they won the Super Bowl? That’ll be Gruden’s play to win the job.
  • Tony Dungy – would be a great pick, but I doubt he comes out of retirement
  • Jason Garrett – has Garrett already been promised the job? who knows, what we do know is that the offense sucks, so what’s more logical?
  • Charlie Weis – relieved of duty from Notre Dame, one of the NFL brightest offensive minds, could he make the transition in Dallas?
  • Ron Rivera – he interviewed last time there was an opening, he’s a proven coordinator, and tough attitude, would Dallas let another coordinator be our head coach with our bad stints with coordinator turned head coaches though?
  • Mike Shanahan – probably the most likely guy at this point, but would his system work here in Dallas. Its more of a zone blocking and west coast oriented scheme. If Kubiak is canned in Dallas he would be his OC, could be more dynamic than the crap we’re running here right now, we’ll see.
  • Leslie Frazier – defensive coordinator of the Vikings has been on many lists before, this will likely be the year he lands a head coaching job somewhere.

That’s who I have as potential coaches, we’ll see. Let the talk begin, these Cowboys in 2009 aren’t going anyway but back in time and calling on ghosts from previous season. Sucky team. Love you but, things need to change.

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