I’ve seen all that I need to see from a Jason Garrett lead team, and its nothing but .500 garbage. As much as we want to support the team in making the playoffs, they simply don’t have the right staff in place to get it done. Jerry Jones is fully entrenched as the end-all-be-all head decision maker, so we’re stuck with that. What we aren’t stuck with is Garrett for the 2014 season. I know Jerry has given his support, but there’s no way we keep this guy around if we lose the rest of the games which I think we will to be honest.

I’m looking ahead. And I’m looking ahead to some coaching candidates for the 2014 season. Here are five names we should keep an eye on after black monday.

Mike Zimmer: Zimmer is a former Cowboys assistant who has been on a steady climb into the head coaching conversation in recent years and I think this could be the year he picks up a head coaching gig. His vaunted 4-3 defensive scheme would be a perfect fit in Dallas, and could be what Dallas needs to jump start a failed transition to the 4-3 this current season.

Pete Carmichael, Jr: Carmichael is coming from the Sean Payton coaching tree and could be just the guy to get the mysterious play calling mess in Dallas straightened out.

Jon Gruden: if Jerry is going to move on from Garrett and not blow up this staff, then I could see Jerry installing Gruden into the fold to see if his personality can get this team over the hump.

Mike Holmgren: its no secret that Holmgren wants to return to coaching, and he has reached out to Jerry previously stating he would love to coach the Cowboys. This could be the offseason that Holmgren gets his wish. Holmgren will take hold of the offense and there won’t be any mystery as to whom is calling the plays, and he’ll install a solid 4-3 defense as he has in his previous stints in Green Bay and Seattle.

David Shaw: dipping into the collegiate ranks is something Jerry hasn’t done since he bought the team and hired Jimmy Johnson to coach the team. It may be time to make that hire this offseason, and to me that guy should be David Shaw from Stanford. He comes from the Jim Harbaugh coaching tree, and has NFL experience as well. Shaw will be a hot commodity this offseason, he’s definitely on my short list of coaches out there right now. This team needs a deep breath of fresh air and Shaw could be this guy.

One thing that should be paramount in accepting the head coaching position is that of picking the assistants themselves, Jerry should not be involved in forcing assistants onto his new head coach. I’ve said this several times, but this piecing staff’s together every season has been a complete mess. The next guy needs to come in and have reign to hire his guys. This needs to be like the situation Parcells had when he agreed to coach the Cowboys.

Who is on your list of coaching candidates?