Romo and Witten Could be last of Parcells Guys after 2013

There should be no surprise by now how the Cowboys are playing and how the season will end. That being said, I’m taking a peak into the offseason and it starts with revamping the roster. The glue that has supposedly kept the Cowboys in the hunt over the years has dried up and can longer be relied upon. Have you ever looked at something that was glued, but after years, it becomes brittle and no longer holds things together? That’s where the Cowboys roster is at right now. To be specific, its the guys Bill Parcells brought into the fold to turn around a three consecutive 5-11 team. These players are known as “Parcells Guys” and over the years we’ve seen them steadily leave the team.

Parcells built a foundation to turn around the once proud Dallas Cowboys by drafting some core players like Terence Newman, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher, Marion Barber III. He also supplemented the roster with  undrafted free agent rookies, Tony Romo and Miles Austin.

That started in 2003. Fast forward to 2013 and half those players are gone, and the ones that remain are running on their last legs, literally. The last of Parcells guys are: Jason Witten; Tony Romo; DeMarcus Ware; Jay Ratliff;  Miles Austin and Jason Hatcher. After this 2013 season this roster will look different and its quite possible Tony Romo and Jason Witten will be the “last of the Mohicans” around here.

DeMarcus Ware has the right mindset and is one of the best players in Cowboys history, but age and injuries have taken their toll. The body is no longer keeping up with his mind, and the Cowboys may end up packaging him during a draft day trade. But ultimately, releasing him to create some cap relief could be the answer.

Jason Hatcher will test free agency after this season, and he’ll go to a true contender and we’ll likely end up with a ring before its all over. Hatcher has been one of my favorite players, I always thought he should have been starting ahead of Marcus Spears. He’s a solid player.

Miles Austin has left the building, already. He’s done. Miles contributed with some solid numbers, but he can’t stay healthy. The Cowboys have clearly moved on by drafting Dez Bryant as their new #1WR and Terence Williams as the new #2WR. Austin is making too much money for not being on the field.

This team will need another Bill Parcells type coach to get this team rebuilt from the draft. The only coaches out there with that type of expertise would be Mike Holmgren or Bill Cowher. If Dallas keeps Garrett after a third 8-8 season or worse, the 2014 season will be lost before it even starts. It will be like Wade Phillips’ last year, in which, there will be a point where the team gives up and we bomb out. Why continue with this failed experiment?

Jerry needs to let go, he really does. Stop holding on to declining players, release them. If we need a down year to rebuild the fans will understand, we are absolutely tired of these tease filled seasons. This roster is not built to contend and a purge coupled with a rebuilding year is what this team needs in the worse way.

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  • cruiser08

    I totally agree but do not believe Jerry has the backbone to get it done. He will continue to half-ass this team in hope that the cowboy sheep will continue to go to the games and buy the merchandise. Now he is shoveling the story that the 8-8 teams prove that the league has flattened and that all these teams are so close to winning it all. A blind man can point out the class teams of the league and the Cowboys are not in the same solar system.