Draft Day is Here

The NFL Draft is finally here, and tonight the Cowboys will be looking to add some premiere talent to bolster some weak spots on the starting rosters. The draft has always been very fluid and completely unpredictable, the question will be whether or not the Cowboys stay put at #27 or do they move up to snag a must have player? We are about to find out.

The draft has been broken up over four days, and tonight we’ll be watching the 1st round. Watching the NFL draft has become a tradition here and likely for many other die hard fans around the world.

So, who are we going to draft? There are many scenarios floating around, ranging from packaging picks/players to move up, or even trading out of the 1st round to stockpile picks for later rounds. One thing is for sure, with Jerry Jones at the helm you just never know what kind of wild things may happen.

My money is on the secondary, Wade Phillips has historically been stellar when it comes to drafting players for the secondary, and right now, we’re facing some potential holes at safety, so I could see us going after a top flight safety if available. We’ll see.

Here’s our current draft picks; however, trades could change the order, adding or subtracting picks:

1st Round, (#27)
2nd Round, (#59)
3rd Round, (#90)
4th Round, (#125)
6th Round, (#196)
7th Round, (#234)

Let’s do this!

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